Choose the installation method that best suits your project.

Installation is very easy and fast via the command line.

Clone the Github repository

First enter the following into your CLI.

git clone

Edit the config file in the root directory to match your site’s configuration. run this command to build the files into the _site directory:

bundle install

Test the site locally with this command:

bundle exec jekyll serve

push the finished site to a github repository

git push -u origin master

Set up navigation

Navigation titles and links are set in the _data/navigation.yml file.

Built-in page layouts

You can define different layouts and includes as you see fit. Use one of the 5 following page layouts or design your own.

  • page
  • over
  • default
  • component
  • home

Built in UiKit, with an elegant homepage, blog and archive pages. Build a simple and beautiful website or blog in a few hours or less.

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