Indicate important notes and highlight parts of your content.


To create a label, just add the .uk-label class to a <span> element.

<span class="uk-label"></span>
<span class="uk-label">Default</span>

Style modifiers

Add one of the following classes for additional styles.

Class Description
.uk-label-success Indicates success or a positive message.
.uk-label-warning Indicates a warning.
.uk-label-danger Indicates an error or important message.
<span class="uk-label uk-label-success"></span>
<span class="uk-label">Default</span>

<span class="uk-label uk-label-success">Success</span>

<span class="uk-label uk-label-warning">Warning</span>

<span class="uk-label uk-label-danger">Danger</span>